CPAP Replacement Guidelines

For your convenience we have assembled a chart of the replacement guidelines commonly used by many insurance companies. Please call of us at 866-768-5842 for specific information.

CPAP supply replacement guidelines
CPAP Supply Replacement Recommendations
Full Face Mask 1 per 3 months
Full Face Replacement cushion, each 1 per month
Replacement cushion, each 2 per 1 month
Replacement pillows, pair 2 pair per 1 month
Nasal Interface, with or without head strap 1 per 3 months
Combination oral/nasal mask, used with CPAP device 1 per 3 months
Oral cushion for combination oral/nasal mask - replacement only 2 pair per 1 month
Nasal pillows for combination oral/nasal mask- replacement only 2 pair per 1 month
Headgear 1 per 6 months
Chin strap 1 per 6 months
Tubing 1 per 3 months
Filter, Disposable 2 per 1 months
Filter, Non-Disposable 1 per 6 months
Water Chamber for humidifier - replacement only 1 per 6 months
Exhalation port with or without swivel - replacement only Not specified in current DMERC policy